Theme Nights

Inside Out Night (Sept. 20th)
Clubbers are encouraged to wear their clothes inside out to remind us that God looks at us from the inside out!

Pennies Night for Awana Missionary (Oct 4th)
For the month of October, clubber will bring in pennies (or bigger currencies) for our Awana Missionary Bill Fugel.  On that night, all games will involve pennies.

Baseball World Series Night (Nov. 1st)
During this time will be the baseball World Series, so everyone should wear their baseball/softball uniforms.  All games will use baseballs.

Pastor & Popcorn Night (Nov.8th)
Pastor Tommy will join us for counsel time and we will have a time of popcorn and devotion.

Shoebox Night – Operation Christmas Child (Nov. 15th)
This is the time in which our church participates in Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Program.  A list will be given to clubbers a few weeks prior and ask that clubbers bring something from the list to help stuff as many shoeboxes as well can as a club.

Noah’s Ark Night Night (Dec. 13th)
Come to club dressed as Noah, an animal, or the entire Ark!

Movie Night (Dec. 20th)
Clubbers bring their sleeping bags and pillows as we watch a movie before the Christmas break.

Duct Tape Night (Jan. 17th)
Clubbers come dressed in your best duct tape costume or with your best duct tape accessories.  All games will involve duct tape.

Plaid Is Rad Night (Jan. 31st)
Clubbers come dressed in their best plaid outfits.  The more plaid, the better.

“What I Love About Awana” Poster Night (Feb. 14th)
Clubbers will be provided a piece of poster board, materials and markers to make a poster of their favorite parts about Awana.  Posters will be displayed around the church for all to see.

Nerd Night (Feb. 28th)
Get your geek on!  Clubbers should come dressed as their best nerd!

Tacky Tourists Night (March 28th)
It’s almost Summer vacation time.  Let’s get our tourist on and come dressed in our tackiest tourist apparel.

Fruit of the Spirit Night (April 18th)
Galatians 5:22-23 outlines the fruit of the spirit.  Clubbers should bring canned fruit for our homeless ministry.  Dressing like fruit is also encouraged!

Star Wars Night (May 2nd)
Come dressed as your favorite Star Wars character for the night.

Get Wet Night (May 9th)
Come dressed in proper beach attire.  We will go outside and have water filled night of fun! Water balloon toss, relays, water tag, buckets….