Store Night & Keep It Clean Night

Northwood Baptist Awana
October 7th
Store Night & Keep It Clean Night

This year our mission each time we have Store Night for Awana, we will have a theme related to something that is needed in our Homeless Ministry.

Currently we have a need for hygiene items. Please purchase and send with your clubber some of these items, up to 5, to bring to club on October 7th, and they can earn up to $5 Awana Bucks to use at Store Night.

Items of Need:

Much can be purchased from the “Dollar Tree”.
1. Packages of disposable razor blades for men.
2. Men’s deodorant
3. Medium size tooth paste ( note: I have plenty of tooth brushes for another year)
4. Packages of ” Wet Wipes” (great need.)
5. Medium size hand lotion in a tube.
6. Small or medium size Shampoo
7. Men’s nail clippers
8. Small bottles of mouth wash. ( No large bottles please !)
9. Small boxes of band aids.
10. Chap stick
11. Small packages of Klennex (Travel size)


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