September Events


September 2nd – Normal Club Night

September 9th – Get Wet Night

September 16th – Normal Club Night

September 23rd – Duck Dynasty Night

September 30th – Normal Club Night


Theme Night Descriptions

Get Wet Night (Sept. 9th)
Come dressed in proper beach attire. We will go outside and have water filled night of fun! Water balloon toss, relays, water tag, buckets…. We will start the club night with all clubbers in handbook time to do their verses. Afterward, we will go outside and spend the remainder of the night paying with water outside. Clubbers should wear their bathing suits under their club wear, to be able to quickly change after handbook time. The clubbers should also wear water shoes or flip flops that can get wet. Finally, be sure to send them with a towel for afterward!

Duck Dynasty Night (Sept. 23rd)
Time to bring out your best Duck Dynasty beards!

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