Awana February Events


Awana Events for February 2016


Trauma Night (Feb. 3rd)
Clubbers come bandaged up as if they are injured.

Store Night (Feb 10th)

Crazy Shoe Night (Feb 17th)

Give prizes for the largest, the ugliest, the strangest and the funniest shoes. Use a sock for the bean bag and a shoe for the pin during Game Time. Play shoe games: All kids pile their shoes in the center of the circle. At the signal, they scramble to find their shoes, put them on and stand at attention. Or, see who can kick his or her shoe the farthest across the gym. Give a Large Group Time lesson about walking with God (Ephesians 5:8-10).

Light the Night (Feb. 24th)
Clubbers bring a flashlight and we do our opening ceremony in the dark. We will do a few spotlights for safety also.


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