It’s Disney Night!!!!!

This Wednesday night (March 15th) at Awana is Disney Night.  Clubbers are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite Disney character.  From Olaf to Cinderella, Snow White to Goofy, come one come all….

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!  It’s A Small World After All…..


T&T Clubber Reminder: For those T&T clubbers that gave their testimony during counsel time last week, remember our deal.  Bring your written testimony of your salvation conversion and gain extra Awana points.  The testimony should include your life before salvation, your life changing experience, and your life since becoming a follower of Jesus Christ.   Clubbers should give your written testimony to Commander David to earn your points!

Awana Alphabet Soup Night – March 1st

On Wednesday, March 1st, we will have Alphabet Soup Night at Awana.  Clubbers should choose a letter and adhere it to the front of their shirt.  Then the clubber should wear as many items as possible which start with their chosen letter.

For example, if you choose “S,” you might wear a shirt, scarf, sandals, sun visor, striped shorts, etc.

However!!!! Normal clothing and uniform items don’t count…. shoes, pants, shorts, shirts, socks, etc.  Stuff everyone will have to wear do not count to keep it fair for all.

Items must be attached to the clubber’s body in some fashion to count.

Clubbers with the most items on wins Awana points.  Clubbers choosing letters that are difficult will earn more points.

Crazy Hair and Hat Night – Feb. 15th

This Wednesday, February 15th at Awana, we will have Crazy Hair and Hat Night.  Clubbers can choose to fancy up their hair or choose a crazy hat.  The wild and crazy the better.

During opening ceremonies, we will have a beauty contest for the craziest hair and the craziest hat.


Sports Theme Night – Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Next Weekend is the Super Bowl, so this Wednesday Night, February 1st, will be a Sports Theme Night. Clubbers are encouraged to dress for your favorite sports team. This could be a professional team down to your local sports your clubber may play.

So come dress in your favorite sports team apparel and show your support.

Who will be given the title of Awana’s Biggest “Super Fan”?




Winter Wonderland Night Next Wednesday (January 25th)

Winter Wonderland

Just a reminder it is Winter Wonderland at Awana next Wednesday night, January 25th. Make sure your clubbers come dressed in Winter coats, hats, gloves, because we will have the air conditioners running in the gym to simulate winter. There will be snowball fights and other winter time games.


Tacky Tie Night

Welcome Back to Awana!!!!!


This Wednesday Night (January 11th) Awana is back and we start off with a Theme Night. It is Tacky Tie Night. Come dressed in your funny, tacky, or hideous tie for the evening.

Drive In Movie Night – December 21st

Finding Dory

This Wednesday Night, December 21st, is Drive In Movie Night at Awana. The movie will be Finding Dory, and will start promptly at 6:00 PM. Here is the Focus on the Family Movie Review.

Sparks and T&T will watch this movie in the gym. Puggles and Cubbies will meet in the Children’s Building to watch a movie fitting for their age group.

Clubbers and Leaders are encouraged to wear there pajamas, and bring their sleeping bags & pillow as they will be laying on the floor.

Clubbers can also design boxes into vehicles to have the true Drive In Movie effect.

We will have a small movie snack for the clubbers to enjoy during the movie.

Movie Night will take the entire night, so we will not have Game, Handbook, & Counsel times as we do during normal club Night. Clubbers can say verses to leaders before or after the movie should they have something to get signed off.

Following this week, we will have 2 weeks off from club. We will not have club on the December 28th or January 4th. We will return on January 11th.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Night – Dec. 14th


This Wednesday night (Dec. 14th) at Awana will be Ugly Christmas Sweater Night. There will be prizes for the ugliest sweater. It can be bought as is or made. Style points will be given for those that make their own sweaters. Lights may cause you to win big!

Leaders will also wear the sweaters and get voted on by the clubbers.

Please help out your clubber and teach them the fashion art of the “Ugly Christmas Sweater”!

Awana December 2016 Events


Store Night (Dec. 7th)
This store encourages them to think of others like parents, brothers & sisters, and Awana leaders.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Night (Dec. 14th)
It’s time for a reversal. For this night, the leaders & staff will come dressed in your most hideous Christmas sweater, while the clubbers will vote for the ugliest sweater awards.

Movie Night (Dec. 21st)
Bring your pillow & sleeping bags for movie night. Sparks & T&T will watch movie in the gym with light refreshments. Puggles & Cubbies will watch a movie in their area.

NO Awana on Dec. 28th or Jan. 4th.

Operation Christmas Child Boxes Due Tomorrow

OPeration Christmas Child

Several weeks back each clubber was sent home with a shoebox to fill for Operation Christmas Child. Tomorrow night the boxes are due back so we can get them sent off to kids in foreign countries so they can have an excited holiday season.

Please get your boxes as full as you can, label them, and provide the shipping and return them to club tomorrow night, November 16th.

Our clubbers will also be helping the relay center at club pack additional boxes.

The last two years the Awana clubbers have contributed over 100 boxes each year. Let’s top that mark tomorrow!

Thanks for your participation & support!