Awana Starts This Wednesday! August 24th

Awana starts back this upcoming Wednesday night, August 24th at 6:00pm.  It will be registration night and a meet and greet night.  Clubbers will not get books and uniforms until the following club night on August 31st.

If you have not registered, click on the Registration link above and please get your clubbers registered before the 24th.

Looking forward to anther outstanding year of Awana at Northwood Baptist!

Online Awana Registration Is Open


Online registration is now open for the 2016-2017 Awana Club year.  Go to and click on “Registration” in the top right of the red menu ribbon along the top.  The amount for dues this club year is $40 per clubber.

To quickly go to the registration page, click here.



Awana Returns August 24th

Awana at Northwood Baptist Church will start its 2016-2017 year on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 6:00 PM.  Look for information about online pre-registration in early August.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page at:


Star Wars May the 4th Be With You Night


Our next theme night at Awana will be next Wednesday, May 4th.  It is the National Star Wars Day, May the 4th Be With You Day.  All clubbers are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite Star Wars character.  You can be for the Rebel Alliance (Good Guys) or the Dark Side (Bad Guys).

Awards will be given in each group for best costume.  Go all out as this is our last theme night of the year.

There are two more weeks of organized club nights, May 4th & 11th.  May 11th will be our last Store Night.  Any points the clubber does not spend will be zeroed out for the year.  We keep points electronically now, and will tell the clubbers their points when they come into store.

May 18th will be our Aloha Night.  This is our annual send off party for the year.  We will have a Luau in the gym to celebrate their hard work.  Puggles & Cubbies will stay in their respective areas to celebrate.

May 25th will be our Awards Ceremony in the Worship Center.  The event will start at 6:00 PM and last about an hour.  We have two clubbers who will be getting the Citation Award, which is affirms that they completed every grade level book offered by Awana.  Their name also goes on a plague at Awana Headquarters in Chicago.  Please plan to attend to support the clubbers on all their hard work.



Tacky Tourist Night – April 20th

Tacky Tourist


On Wednesday, April 20th at Awana it is going to be Tacky Tourist Night!

Spring is here and that means Tourist Season here in Charleston. Come dressed in your best tourist wear (hideous of course) and let’s play tourists at our church!

Costume should include Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirt, socks with sandals, camera hanging around neck, and a hat to protect you from the sun.  Don’t forget the smeared on sunscreen!

Modesty always applies, and prizes will be given to the best dressed. Have fun and enjoy your stay!

Store Night & Fruit Night

This week at Awana is Store Night. With each store night, we try to bring in donations for the homeless ministry. This week we are asking clubbers to bring in small applesauce and/or fruit cups (like what would go in a lunch box). Be sure to send your clubber with something to help out.

For the store, we no longer give out Awana bucks.  To save the burden of keeping up with the bucks, we have converted to a points system, and each clubber’s points are managed in our system.  The leaders will advise the clubbers of their points when they come to store.

Light The Night – This Wednesday

Light The Night

This Wednesday night (2/24/16) is Light the Night at Awana.  Everything will be done in the DARK!!!!

Clubbers are encouraged to bring a flashlight from home!

We will have glow necklaces & bracelets and glow sticks.  We will use glow in the dark foam batons during game time.  The stripes on the Awana floor will be changed to Glow In The Dark Tape!

All facets of club will be in the dark!

Trama Night Tonight

I hear the ambulances coming…. It’s because TONIGHT is TRAUMA Night at Awana. Clubbers should come bandaged up as if they are injured. Avoid any blood and gore, stick to bandages, band-aids, slings, etc.

Awana February Events


Awana Events for February 2016


Trauma Night (Feb. 3rd)
Clubbers come bandaged up as if they are injured.

Store Night (Feb 10th)

Crazy Shoe Night (Feb 17th)

Give prizes for the largest, the ugliest, the strangest and the funniest shoes. Use a sock for the bean bag and a shoe for the pin during Game Time. Play shoe games: All kids pile their shoes in the center of the circle. At the signal, they scramble to find their shoes, put them on and stand at attention. Or, see who can kick his or her shoe the farthest across the gym. Give a Large Group Time lesson about walking with God (Ephesians 5:8-10).

Light the Night (Feb. 24th)
Clubbers bring a flashlight and we do our opening ceremony in the dark. We will do a few spotlights for safety also.


Winter Wonderland Tonight

Winter Wonderland

Just a reminder it is Winter Wonderland at Awana tonight. Make sure your clubbers come dressed in Winter coats, hats, gloves, because we will have the air conditioners running in the gym to simulate winter.  There will be snowball fights and other winter time games.


Also, club will be released at 7:30 tonight so we can do the pie in the face contest. The top 4 clubbers in Sparks & T&T for completed sections in January get to put a pie in the face of their directors and/or leaders…